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Default Changing heads question

Not sure where to start with this...

I noticed shortly after changing heads on my snare that it was coming out of tune faster than normal. Everything looked ok on the batter side but when I turned it over I could see that the resonant head had issues. Kind of hard to explain but it looks crooked - when I hold the drum up so I can look down across the resonant head it looks lower in one area than on the opposite side. I fear I really screwed up. I was going to take it apart and see what I can do with it after practice last night but I was too tired to mess with it.

Based on my scatter-brained report can anyone diagnose what I may have done wrong? I think I either:

- Tightened the drum unevenly
- Did not center the head correctly
- Both of the above

Is it normal to have an inch or so worth of "play" with a new head? I mean when I sit the new head on the drum and push it to one side there will be about a one inch gap opposite the side that is flush.

Sorry for the rambling - any help is appreciated.

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