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Default Re: what ride stands are you using?

Originally Posted by drum4fun27302 View Post
I use a single brace yamaha boom stand. I need a boom because the straight doesn't allow the cymbal to be close enough. Don't use much of the boom but enough to need it :)
I have the same issue with the ride being too close with a straight stand, as I have a hanging floor tom on that stand. I just hacksaw off any extra boom I don't use. Less weight. My boom on my ride is maybe 4" long lol. It's a boom-ette lol. I keep the ride pretty low, so I don't have to break it down for travel either, I just fold the legs up. It's the only boom stand on my gig kit.

I'll never understand double braced legs. They just seem like a waste of metal. You could have 6 legs with that amount of metal.
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