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Default Re: Custom Bass Drum Head Artwork

Originally Posted by Stewieh1995 View Post
Hey Guys,

Im new to this sort of stuff. Im looking at getting my band artwork on a bass head. I've been in contact with an airbrush artist who is going to draw some stuff up for me. Which got me thinking -

What's the difference between airbrushing artwork on and a normal print?
In regards to look, quality, effects etc.?

If anybody could give me a brief overview that would help a lot before I blow a lot of money that this guy is asking for. :)
Protip: find a sign shop that does vehicle wraps. Draw up your artwork in Illustrator to a 22.5" circle (for a 22" kick) and have them apply it like a big sticker. I just picked up three heads today. My drums always have custom kick heads. :D

Best Regards,
Bill Ray
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