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Default Re: Custom Bass Drum Head Artwork

Originally Posted by Stewieh1995 View Post
Yeah that's what I was wondering, kind of how its normally done. and I guess its so expensive cause of the airbrushing and he's gunna do a background design for it as well. and yeah im in Sydney.
Delivery to Sydney shouldn't be too much (apparently not crossing state lines means saving $$$).
If it helps, I paid $125 for a 22" bass drum head (picked it up from the guys place to save on delivery). That's half off what you're paying but maybe with delivery costs the saving wouldn't be as much (assuming the company is local to you).
I'd honestly be surprised if the airbrushing/ painting is any better than the decal sticker but having never seen an airbrushed version I can't make the comparison.
I WILL say that there was a slight loss in image resolution when the decal was printed out to bass drum size (despite using the highest resolution image available) but I was still happy with the results.
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