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Default Re: Custom Bass Drum Head Artwork

Originally Posted by Stewieh1995 View Post
Im getting the reso bass head done. I am not sure what type of head he is going to paint on or if he will cut a port hole for me - hope he does but I will ask.
He is quoting $250 AUD for black and white or $300 with colour. My logo is black anyway but I asked him to draw up designs both in black and white and colour so I can choose.
That sounds like a lot for 1 x bass drum head (you mention $AUD so I assume you're in Oz).
Hit N' Run Drum (based in Tweed Heads, QLD) do fantastic work but he doesn't paint them on (maybe that's why your guy is so expensive), just manipulates digital images to your specs then creates a decal (large sticker) which goes onto the head.
Edit: Tweed Heads NSW (D'OH!)

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