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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Now it's my turn to introduce myself.
My name is Piotr Kurzbauer .. but every one call me kurz (german spelling is QRC)
I am 40 years have wife kids and full time job not connected with music. I live in EU
I started playing drums in 80's . My Dad don't allow me to be a pro musician and told me to go to Technical University and it was i did.
All that time I was playing with local bands earning pennies (jazz, rock, pop).
All the time I was surrounded by pro musicians.
Now I have a Sonor SQ2 (BD24, TT13, FT16), Old Sonor Star (BD20, TT8, TT10, FT15)
and Sonor Designer (BD20, TT8, TT10, FT13, FT14) with Sonor snares and 3 full sets of cymbals (Zildjian K's, Paiste Giant beat, Sabian Encore)
The sad true is that my bandsmats who are pro musicians nearly die of starvation.
My damn father was right, but it took me years to understand.
Sonor Designer + Sabian Encore
Sonor SQ2 + Paiste Giant Beat
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