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Default Re: Just got a Roland TD-11K-S. What do I need to know?

Yes, another vote for the 30 VEX kits for $30.

See what you think of the rubber pads. I have been using mine for a year, and now have upgraded to mesh:

Snare: PD-105 $300 'almost' new at my local music store
Tom 1: PDX-8 (moved here from original position as snare)
Tom 2: PDX-8 $100 'almost' new at my local music store
Tom 3: PDX-100 $219 new
Tom 4: PDX-100 $219 new (I added this fourth pad to the kit after I bought it)

All prices in Canadian dollars.

Seems like a good way of getting a decent kit without going over $2000, into TD15 range (I end up with five better pads than the TDKV for less outlay).

What do you think?
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