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Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
The PD-128S-BC is more than twice the weight of a PD-8 pad and is designed to be snare-stand mountable - also the image doesn't show a mounting clamp.
Are you intending to use it with a TD-30 Drum Sound Module to detect optimal dynamics and rim-shot depth from this V-pad?
I wish I had a TD-30 to be honest I have a TD-4 but only use it to get midi notes to Addictive Drums. I have not heard a TD-30 but I like the sounds from Addictive more then a TD--20 so for the money I'm happy. And as for optimal dynamics my playing level does not require that ATM. I would hope it's heaver then the pd8 but is it heavy enough to be on a snare stand and not bounce around ( seen it doing so in a vid) a fixed stand would stop that just not sure if I require it or not yet as it's being shipped. Other then cymbals and snare my set is DIY the tom's and bass work great but I don't feel A DIY snare is good enough only went this route because I would rather the drums feel as real as they can and with the snare being 12" that itself sold me.When you say doesn't show a mounting clamp do you mean it comes with one? Didn't know if that's the case.

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