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Default Re: Just got a Roland TD-11K-S. What do I need to know?

Originally Posted by HipshotPercussion View Post
Having never played e-drums before, the hardest thing for me to get used to is not hearing the pads' sounds from their source but only from the speaker I'm using, even though it's only a few feet away. It makes for an eerie sense of drumming detachment.
I am about 20' from my PA and, although I have gotten used to it, it is an adjustment, especially if you are playing your acoustics along with it.

I tried to record with the e kit using the PA as my monitor and, although the distance was only 20', I could hear the lag enough to make me go WTF? I looked at it colsely and sure enough, everything was a tiny bit behind. I went to headphones for recording and it's no problem.
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