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Default Need help buying an ekit

I've been playing for about roughly 5 months on an acoustic kit which isn't mine and I have to travel to even play. So I was thinking of buying my own kit. I want an ekit because its much quieter then an acoustic, there is no way I could have a real acoustic kit where I live right now altho I would prefer an acoustic kit over an ekit, I should also mention that I plan on playing drums for a long time, I've been practicing nearly every day for ever since I started, also I wont be able to afford/have an acoustic kit for the near future, so a good quality ekit would be awesome. I should also mention that I know absolutly nothing about ekits. So what im looking for is

A kit with double bass (pedals)
I plan on playing alot of heavy metal and nu metal, and practicing blast beats.
I would prefer something in the price range of 600 euro (840 usd)
but I can maybe push as far as 785 eur (1090 usd)
if you can find a good one which is cheaper then what I mentioned then great :)
atleast 1 ride, 2 cymbals and 3 toms sounds good.
I should also mention that I should be able to change the sound of 1 of the cymbals to a china cymbal.
Thanks for any help.
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