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Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
just go and watch Isle of Wight, it should shut most of you up = ) A lot of ppl have a problem with Keith because he was a little too eccentric when it came to playing. I have absolutely no idea how you could say that he wasnt into his drumming. I havent seen a sole that is more into drumming live, well, ever. Hes got some of the fastest chops around and some very original grooves. And he was also a showman, he could hit his snare drum with his stick, and it would fly into the air, then he'd catch, and go right back into playing. IMO Keith Moon is monster on the drumset, for god sakes his nickname was the octopus for the way that he'd fly around that set.
I was reading all the other reply's and was starting to go crazy! Keith Moon is a crazy drummer! One of the best classic rock drummers. To bad he had to go so soon. Keith Moon by far was a very gifted drummer.
When your gone, no one will miss you.
And when your dead, no one will cry.
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