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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Here's my latest from merry old England! Recently picked up a 99/2000 era Genista in Turquoise Gloss and it was rather well kept for it's age. Very few bumps or bruises from the previous owner and once tuned up, they sounded phenominal. Sizes are 18x24,9x10,10x12,12x14, and 16x16 f/tom. No snare came with the kit but I am looking for a matching 20 lug Genista or a nice 6.5x14, 10 lug steel Premier snare. I have a pair of die cast hoops waiting here for it once I find what I want. Total rock kit as it sits right now. Sounds fantastic and the Finnish Birch outer ply is sweet. Enjoy ladies, then go practice! I am!
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