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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

To be honest Gruntersdad, I bought this as it was on Ebay some time ago when it was all but impossible to order a Gretsch kit due to the company's pitfall position at the time. But but low and behold, it was the exact color, diameters that I wanted overall given I am a big fan of 20" bass drums and 'fast' shortstack type of toms; I bought it right up!. The only thing is, I wouldn't mind to have a 12x14 hanging or floor tom added to it. The staggering of lugs doesn't bother me because for those fast sizes it's not possible any other way. And to do the 12" that way would be more 'novelty' than I'd like. As for the particular sizes, they were a factory dimension available at the time when I researched it.. Check out this page from this 1981 Gretsch catalog here,page 14.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Just a question if you don't mind. All of the toms and the bass seem to be cut down in size but you still have a 16 x 16 floor tom? I was thinking maybe 16 x 14?

I also note that the lugs are staggered on the toms. The 8 has a left hand stagger on the reso, the ten has a right hand stagger on the reso and the 12 is not staggered at all. Why not all the same. I realize the 12 didn't need to be staggered but it would have looked better I think. Love the kit though. Just being anal.
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