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Default Re: Quietest Electronic Drum set

Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
While we're discussing quiet pedals, here's a recycled post about a Roland FD-8 pedal mod for kick drum use.
If you want a quiet kick (or double) pedal, here's a cheap & easy add-on to the FD-8 pedal that provides dynamic kick trigger response for my DTX Multi-12. I've simply stuck a piezo sensor on the pedal's plastic cover and some firm foam (12mm thick) under the foot-plate that allows the pedal to trigger the pickup reliably and keep the high-hat control functioning normally. It should be possible to add a heal switch to enable/disable the kick or hihat triggers as required.
The piezo device (22d x 13h) may be sold as a buzzer, but it works OK as a trigger sensor also. I opted to connect/solder it directly to a cable with mono plug on it to avoid mounting an extra socket on the pedal cover. The piezo sensitivity was better with it's black wire connected to the plug tip and the red wire to the plug outer/screen, but it could be worth trying reverse connections.
I used a stereo plug to 2 mono sockets splitter to connect my 2 pedals into a dual trigger input (14 & 15) of the M-12, which allows independent voice settings for each one. I just changed the KP65 trigger settings Input gain to 45 (default=1) for a similar response compared to the other pads.
The pedal travel and tension are less than a standard kick pedal but the action/feel is fast enough for double bass pedal playing.
I haven't tried this mod with a Roland module so will need some feedback from anyone who wants to give it a go.
But can you do heel-toe with this setup? ; )
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