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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

The 9002 pedals arrived today. I played them for an hour, and then tried to play my Yamaha double pedal again. After playing the DWs, the Yamaha was unplayable.

These DW9002 pedals are really, really nice. I had to loosen the springs considerably from the stock setting (so much that I thought the spring would fall off) and I used DW medium felt beaters (very light) instead of the stock beaters (which are much heavier) and had them inserted at the maximum extension.

I had the connecting rod between the pedals set all the way collapsed. I think I would have gone even tighter if it were possible.

Anyway, I highly recommend these pedals. Very light, very smooth, and very solid.

Anyone want to buy my Yamaha DFP9500C pedals?
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