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Default Re: Help with mics?

Originally Posted by hatebreed
I want to get a bass drum mic so i can be heard over my band. I know i have to get a mixer or pa to run the mic through and a speaker for it to play through. I have no ideo what to buy and i only have a budget of around $275. Can someone reccommend a mixer and a speaker or speakers to run it all through. Nothing too complicated as i am new to the technical side of drumming. Also a mixer with enough inputs to set up a full kit of mics would be handy as i will probably be wanting to expand within this year. Thanks in advance for any help given.

I doubt that you'd get a mixer for that much, let alone a mic and some speakers, too. A decent kick mic will take all of that budget, and good mixers with a large number of inputs (you can easily use a dozen mics on a good-sized kit) seem to be very pricey. I just got a quote this afternoon for a british mixer with 16-inputs and it was $1,750 Canadian.

You could probably go with some less-expensive Chinese mics and mixer, but I'm not sure the quality (sound-wise and ruggedness) will be what you need... or if it will even come within that budget. Good luck, though.


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