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Originally Posted by Chip
For learning certain parts of songs, I use a cheap MP3 player. It has a rate (speed) option, AND it you can go to a certain song, set A-B, press a button at the start of the bit you want to learn, then press again at the end. Just repeats the section over and over. For playing to songs I use a CD player (with headphones & power adapter) though, the MP3 player will eat up the batteries otherwise.
Does anyone like to use Transcribe? I use it and I think it's great. You can slow things down, speed them up, select sections of a tune to auto repeat. You can export any speed mods or selections to a separate file then burn that to a CD or keep as an MP3 (helpul if you want to play a tune at 90% tempo). It's a very solid application written by a British guitar player, Andy Robinson. It's shareware, but well worth the measly registration price. It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. I think it's the best tool out there for transcritions by ear:

Black Dog - I actually have not looked too closely at that one, but I will. I read in Thunder of Drums that Jones said Bohnam had trouble with that tune. What was trouble for Bonham? The band had to play it twice before he got it?

I've never caught those stick clicks - I gotta hear than now! :)
I really don't know what time it was. So I asked them if I could stay a while.

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