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Default Re: Quietest Electronic Drum set

Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
Some info about your proposed budget and any preferred kit options could be useful to get more suggestions.
I guess the Aerodrums might appeal to anyone who already owns a suitable computer, as their only advantage seems to be silent playing. No doubt most drummers prefer the feel of sticks & pedals rebounding off a playing surface.
You could try adding some soft foam pipe insulation to your sticks for quieter practice sessions with or without an e-kit (it rebounds a bit better on mesh heads).
FYI - There is a new kick beater trigger mentioned on vdrums: If it works OK on a soft surface to suppress the noise then it could be a useful alternative for your demon drive pedals. Apologies Triggera for feeding the premature speculation.
Just so you know, my demon drives work just fine with the old triggera bass drum triggers BUT it does take a bit of getting used to having no beater or head to rebound off.
Maybe this new soft trigger could be the solution?
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