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Default Talk me out of / in to a DTX750K / TD-15KV

Hey everyone - long time lurker; long enough that my original account didn't exist anymore. Hopefully my low post count doesn't cause you to skip this, should you have input!

I currently have a DTXpress II, but I'm in the "analysis paralysis" portion of an upgrade to something newer, quieter, and closer in feel to an acoustic kit.

It will essentially replace my acoustic in day-to-day respects, due to my living situation. I don't plan on gigging with it (that's what my Rogers are waiting patiently for), but I will rehearse and record with it, as well as create music with other remote musicians. I'm not massively experienced; I've been playing for about twelve years total, with the last three being... not so much - but now I'm at a place where I can and have been getting serious again. I'm not worried about skill transfer problems between the electronic and acoustic set, as I didn't have any using the old DTX (or perhaps my skill level wasn't high enough to be affected, more likely...)

My budget is about 3k - I'm able to go a little above that, if there's good reason - but not too much more. Bulk of the funding a gift card that can be used only at certain merchants, Guitar Center being one of them, so that's where I'm looking - otherwise I'd absolutely be looking for an "I bought these and they gathered dust now I'm selling them cheap" used setup.

I've so far narrowed it down to either the Yamaha DTX750K or Roland TD-15KV. I definitely want the realistic hi-hat setup, and while I'd prefer the fuller size kick (ex: the DTX750 comes with the smaller pad, same as my DTXpress(!)) it isn't a dealbreaker. I'll certainly try before I buy with respect to pad feel, but closer to acoustic feel is important. I had a Roland Rhythm Coach a few years ago and it felt too bouncy, so I am absolutely interested in the latest Yamaha pads - and have heard they're also quieter (a huge plus).

Thanks for reading this far! Any and all input is appreciated.
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