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Default Re: new Drum Workshop Direct Drive pedal @ NAMM 2014

Wait until you see my full review of the new Malleus direct drive pedal. It is next level.

For a little background...I have one of the original Axis double pedals that I bought when it first came out.. I own, or have owned, the Trick, another pair of Axis A Longboards as well as the Demon Drive.

I also work in the aerospace industry and my customer base is CNC machine shops. I have been in and around them for over 30 years. I hang and get drunk with machinists, engineers and machine shop owners.

The Malleus truly is the best of the machined, direct drive bunch. Imagine if someone actually evaluated all of the direct drives on the market, made a pedal and then solicited opinions of dozens of working players on that pedal.

Then Imagine that a Version 2 of the pedal comes out, with all of the best features incorporated into it.

That is the Malleus.

DW's attempt at this is lame compared to what is going on at Malleus.
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