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Default Re: Roland V-Drums triggers double notes

Sorry for the delay guys, we having holidays here. :)

Hey Croc,

uuuh, that's the exciting stuff you're gettin into. I'm sure you'll love it. It opens much more options for creativity. Although getting to know the DAW can be tidious at times.

Of couse, I'd be glad to help you. (So far I did not recieve any messages about your posts here, but now I changed to instant mail notification so it should work)

- I could try to answer generall questions regarding DAWs and audio interfaces.
- Detailed question for the Ableton Live I'm working with.
- And of course I hope to be of any help with the plugins you intend to use or planing on getting into.

Originally Posted by stellar92010 View Post
... you have to set some of the parameters for each trigger, not each pad.
Hey Stellar, thanks for the advise. So far I applied everything or at least I tried all the options you and other members mentioned. Just seem not to get any luck with getting in to specific settings for each trigger/ zone instead of those for a pad. Maybe you can help with some detail on that?

I still did not get to set up choking, but it can wait a little longer. Right now I'm just enjoing the senceless hammering ;)
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