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Default Re: Raining in the UK- no s^%t, really!

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Media and marketing? More about a warming Arctic changing the behaviour of the Jet Stream. That's what's connecting the extreme weather in California, the East Coast and UK.
Yes, I was listening to a lady on the Coast to Coast radio show who explained this jet stream behavior (behaviour). She said the warming arctic slows down the jet stream and makes it more wavy. That in turn, makes weather slow down and create these polar vortexes that dive deep into the mid-latitudes. The result in N America made for one of the coldest winters in the East while we in the West had a long dry spell. So I'd imagine that's also why Greenland is getting greener and Great Britain is being soaked night and day. I don't know what the jet stream looks like over there.
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