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Default Re: Electronic Drum kit?

Originally Posted by Benjo View Post
I am a beginner in the world of drumming, and i am currently getting the money together to get my first kit..........(BTW i can only get an electronic drum kit and my budget is about 600)
Hey Benjo - as you get involved with e-drums, you need to be aware they can be very addictive and consume a lot of your time. It starts off as a fun activity playing a basic e-drum setup with a variety of preset kits, but before long you'll probably be tweaking the settings and making your own user kits. The next phase is when you want bigger and better sounding kits and you may get hooked on a quest for greater variety of natural sounding percussion mixed with electronic effects. This has been my experience and I suggest the major music companies should be more accountable for enabling an addiction known as compulsive e-drum tweakers syndrome. I aquired a DTX Multi-12 several years ago thinking it should be easy enough to customize it more to my liking. However I'm still fine-tuning it and creating new kits trying to simulate my favourite drum sounds (eg Alex Van Halen's snare drum is a real challenge:
Whereas some dedicated acoustic drummers will be spared this dilemma as they are satisfied with a single kit that suits their preferred music styles.
So I offer this cautious advice as you enjoy your unreal e-drumming experience.

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