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Default Re: Roland V-Drums triggers double notes

Hey Croc,

the cymbal and hh pads aren't mesh by default and I have replaced factory kick with a meshed one. So, I dunno if TD4's mentioned hardware more prone to double triggering.

Still can't figure out if an upgrade to TD9-module would be any better or not. Overused pads I almost rulled out.

What would you like to know? Would glad to help.

I'm using Modern Drummer which I like for playing on edrums. It just sounds right to me. But the settings compared to Superior Drummer for instance are very ascetic. And all the drums you can use in NI's Kontakt you can use in standallone which saves cpu power and allows you to get down with the latency if that should of any concern (on my iMac anyway).

I used Addictive Drums a while ago. It is a ready to go sound and after getting used to playing TD4 I probably will be looking in to it again.

If you are having a big edrum set, Session Drummer by NI could be a good choice.

Again NI's Vintage Drums series 60/70' are funny to play. Still want to try the 80' though. Here I would probably spend more time on tweaking the set to even out the sound. It's all low end like in the good old days.

And of course there are the monolith drums like Superior Drummer and BFD Drums with large libraries and settings. Never used BFDs but am using SD in the mix.

But then I describe what I know and probably not even what you wanted to know :D

Let me know if you need anything.
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