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Default Re: The Truth about Art Verdi

Originally Posted by ThomasDee
Of course Art can groove, play or whatever, just as Dale Jr. can drive a passenger car. This would never even be a question and quite frankly no one would even know who either were if they were not great Champions and competitors in fields that are so controversial as WFD and NASCAR.

They would simply be a good drummer and good driver. Why hate them just because they are great Champions? To me Art trying to prove he can play a drum set is like putting Jeff Gordon and the kids in a family car and saying Ok, now can you drive the family to the park? HAHA! Kind of silly dont you think? :)

Art is a major player and a super guy, period.

Hey, its super to see the great drummer Dan Britt here. But just so you know, Art really doesn't get slammed here. People ask the usual questions here like everywhere else but stuff's cool here.

Alot of people say Drummerworld is WFD insane or something and that really isn't it. The deal is that Drummerworld is the only place that doesn't allow WFD to be cursed at and slandered. So obviously some people think they show favortism. Thats not it very much.
It's just here they allow you to have an actual debate where people don't get made fun of.
Some of the other places have so many jealous fools runnin' around saying such terrible stuff, people just now see that as what's normal.

Dan please go to the WFD and fastest double bass discussions. And please tell Art to come on too. I hear there's somethin' wrong with his computer or something (lol).
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