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Default Re: Roland V-Drums triggers double notes

Thank you Croc! I adjusted the settings and added Mask Time as well (was a hint from another forum).

"There are positive changes now. For the loud hits it solved the issue for the most part. Not for the very quiet though, it still continues on HH up to 90% on Ride 10-20% of the hits. Nevertheless, it's a positive change and I don't think the remaining glitches would be of any issue for me since I'm hiting the edge like an animal ;).

Anyway, my settings just for a comparisson for those who might have the same issue:

Retrig Cancel - 10 (anything higher and rebounce hits are not pissible/will not be audible at higher volumes/velocities/the louder you play)
Mask Time - 6ms (for you still to be able to play faster anything lower might be a problem)
I also added
Scan Time - 0,4ms (1,2 toms and 2ms Snare by default). I did it to ballance out the Retrig high settings. It makes sence to make this change reading the manual, but I could not detect any major changes.

Two questions - is this happening because of the low quality of the TD4-module? Compared to TD9 or other higher numbered modules I mean?
If this is the case I'll reset my goal on getting the TD9 module. If not then I'll be slightly dissapointed ^^"

And - so, deffect pads can be rulled out?
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