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Default Re: drumhead combination experiment, pls help!

I used Coated Ambassadors on bottom with Clear Pinstripes on top for a while, which I feel are similar enough to the EC2s to offer some guidance here.

It's definitely a dry combo. I felt that, once I got some clear ambassador resos (and started using non-pinstripe batters) the drums felt more full & present, though the lack of that may be what you are looking for. The EC2s are most certainly more live than Pinstripes but you will find that there's not a lot of head sustain (especially if your resos are tuned higher than batters) but plenty of attack. I think it was a pretty good metal set, though on my current kit (and on that last one) I preferred using clear 10mil resos (Aquarian probably) and a clear G14 or G12 batter head.

I mean, if you have the funds, you might as well try it!
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