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Default Re: drumhead combination experiment, pls help!

Originally Posted by radeq View Post
thanks, but I dont care about the look, but I care about the sound, and wondering if anyone has an experience
I don't think you'll find many people purposely trying this mixed brand combo out. You might find a very few doing clear on top, coated on the bottoms of the same brand but still - a minority.

The general idea is that coated heads have a slightly warmer sound (i.e. dampen highs) but that is a matter of subtlety especially when it comes to the resonant head.

A clear head of the same ply and construction will have more attack and a slightly different timbre.

The 'classic' (tom) combos are:

Coated batter/clear reso
Clear batter/clear reso
Coated batter/Coated reso

Th above classics also presuppose a thinner or equivalent thickness resonant head to the batter.

Those are the basics. The great thing about drums (and music in general) is that there are no hard and fast rules.

Personally I think with the proper tuning and playing technique, your drums will sound great with your combo. That's in general. If you get more specific about the organic acoustic sound you want (not the processed recorded sound) then there may be better head choices.

Should sound at least good. Tune them up and be an innovator! :)

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