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I'm somewhat familiar with Tord Gustavsen's music, and had the opportunity to see his Quartet play the other night in San Francisco. What an experience it was...

The whole band was good, but Jarle Vespestad (whose drumming I know more from his Supersilent days than his association with TG) floored me with a nuanced and extremely musical performance that was entertaining and educational to watch. By utilizing a variety of extended techniques and striking implements (which he regularly switched with great fluidity), he produced an amazing range of sounds he was able to produce in his drums and cymbals. Sorry to gush so much, but I seriously came away from the experience feeling like I had just attended a 1.5 hour drum clinic on low-volume intensity, textural variation, and musical application of extended techniques.

Definitely looking forward to digging deeper into Vespestad's recorded output with Tord (and anyone else for that matter!)
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