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Default Re: Hi from Charlotte NC

Originally Posted by es.biggs View Post
Thanks everybody. I will look out for your sister, gruntersdad haha.

I haven't met a Ben folds, but I have heard the name. Should I know this man?

And there is a lot if music here, some good bands but a lot of the whiny indie pop rock style that I just haven't been able to get into. I was in Raleigh last year to see Iron Maiden and Megadeth, at the Verizon or PNC amphitheater, I can't remember. Heck of a show, but I wish Megadeth could have played a longer set. They have so many great songs, but Maiden had a lot of songs to play too. It was a nightmare getting out of the parking lot in that place hahah
Have you been to the Red Hat ampitheater? We did an awesome show following Sponge playing there. It was so awesome that some of the guys from Sponge came to the after show party we played and did a song with us.

We should link up sometime if you want. If you would be interested you could play back up gigs with my bands if I am out of town.

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