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Default Hi from Charlotte NC

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ethan from Charlotte, NC. I will be 23 in a couple of weeks. That will be the ten year mark since I bought my first drum set. I guess I owe a thanks to my twin brother, who went half in on the cheap pacific drum set at guitar center. I ended up using the drums a lot more than he did, but I never paid him back. Maybe a gift is overdue, our birthday is close.

So I had a short 4 year career as a bmw mechanic, realized the dealership is a cruel, painful, torturous world. Now I work with handicapped people, helping them enjoy their lives. And it's a lot less money but it is so rewarding.

I love music, obviously. I don't have a huge library of albums of every genre, but I enjoy anything I can hear and feel. I have been influenced mostly by 90s bands. I was way into classic rock growing up: Beatles to Clapton to Floyd to Zeppelin, rush of course. After that I started getting into the metal that followed, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth (I was big into Mustaine and Co. for a long time). Then I guess I mellowed out and got into RHCP, sublime, Foo fighters, pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in chains etc. Tool and deftones are high in my rankings too, saw deftones hope to see tool some day.

As far as my drumming style, I want to say the great John Bonham had a lot of influence on me, as did Chad Smith. I listened to a lot of James Gang when I was beginning to learn the drums, and Jim Fox definitely rubbed off on me.

Let's see, I have a Pacific FS set now, it's a teal fade color and I bought it used for 200. And I started searching craigslist for the rest of the kit. Found a 2002 ride for 100 I think, then xs20 hats crashes and splash for another 200. The drums were missing hardware, a little beat up when I got them; they took a little bit of work to get back into shape. Guy played a few of the rack toms on both sides....I don't know why. There was no mounting hardware for the toms, so I picked up a used DW double Tom stand. That thing was SOLID! I bought a rack yesterday, also a craigslist steal haha. I love the rack though, it is going to make tear down and set up a lot easier after I get some more memory locks!

So I live in Charlotte, have my whole life. It's a beautiful place to live, but the music scene is somewhat boring. I've been working on a project with a longtime friend of mine who picked up guitar around when I got my drums. He developed a knack for writing and singing, and he taught himself guitar as I taught myself drums. We bumped into a bassist who has been an essential part of our sound since he came to the storage unit and played the first time with us. And our newest guitarist is catching up fast, and he adds a lot of experience and leadership to the band.

If you want to check out the music we have made, feel free:

Keep in mind it's all recorded by novices in the art of recording, and drums have been one mic tracks, two on the most recent few. We have done what we can with what we have though. Any feedback is welcome!

I played in my old church's band for a long time, probably 4 years. It was great, I loved it. But nothing lasts forever, and I no longer am a part of the church. My faith is the same as it always has been but I had to make some changes in life.

So I hope to learn and contribute to the community here, thanks for reading my long probably grammatically unsound story haha
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