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Default 300+ club? (metal/speed)

How many drummers are there in the 300+ bpm club?

putting creativity, groove and all that other important stuff aside, I'm just curious how many drummers and bands out there have surpassed this milestone? those I know of or could find on youtube include:

Flo Mounier - Cryptopsy
Spencer Prewett - Archspire
Marco Pitruzzella - Anomalous/Six Feet Under ex-Brain Drill/Vile/Vital Remains/The Faceless
Morgan Sansous - Henker
Guido Wyss - Commando Noise Terror/Lysergic Sunshine/Enigmatik/Near Death Condition
Simone "Arconda" Piras - Ancient Skin/Verbo Nero/Lamenth/Accabbadora/Gang Band Rag
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