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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

Originally Posted by tclem View Post
Regarding the audio quality their are actually harmonics that are present on vinyl that are absent on other formats. Think of it like this: the smaller the format (vinyl->cassette->cd ->mp3) the more harmonics they have to remove to get the music to fit on that format. The sound may be negligible to some but in my opinion there is something warmer about vinyl. Maybe like a tube amp compared to a really nice solid-state amp.
I'm not about to open the whole analog vs. digital sound quality debate... but a CD should hold all the audible information that you should need for the normal human hearing range. Those harmonics you mention are out of the hearing range... and I'm skeptical that they should matter. Either way, there is certainly a market for high bitrate lossless digital audio for its supposed sonic benefits.

This is of course under the condition that your DAC is as high of quality as your vinyl rig. Mid-range vinyl set-ups usually sounds better than mid-range digital, beyond that it's hard to say.

Regarding tube vs. SS, the harmonics are different, and within the human hearing range. The even order harmonics of tubes create a warmer sound.
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