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Default Re: Vinyl Resurgence Thread

I think their are typically two main reasons that people like vinyl:

1. The experiential side: reliving memories, listening to the whole album, etc.
2. The audio quality side: the sound is richer than other formats

Both of these have been discussed so far but i figured i would throw in my 2 cent.

Regarding the first reason i remember when i was really young, 4-5, my Dad playing Elton John, Billy Joel, the Beatles and others on vinyl. It was fun playing air guitar and drums and a great memory that I will always have. Eventually my dad starting giving me some of his vinyl and now I love it when my 2 year old son wants me to put on the Beach Boys so we can play air guitar and dance (he dances and I laugh while singing Cat's in the Cradle in my head)

Regarding the audio quality their are actually harmonics that are present on vinyl that are absent on other formats. Think of it like this: the smaller the format (vinyl->cassette->cd ->mp3) the more harmonics they have to remove to get the music to fit on that format. The sound may be negligible to some but in my opinion there is something warmer about vinyl. Maybe like a tube amp compared to a really nice solid-state amp.
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