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Default Re: Electronic Drum kit?

Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
I won't ask you to pick a favourite and I wouldn't mind having a similar space for my musical 'toys'.
For what I do, I actually favor the E kit.

1) It allows me to control the volume of the entire band. We play until 11PM and my neighbors never hear a thing unless they are standing on my door step.

2) Recording is a breeze.

Given the appropriate setting and a sound guy, I'll play A's with no issues. They are just drums. All you have to do is hit them at the right time :) Almost every horrible mix I hear in bars/clubs is based on the damn drums being too loud.

I can't play ukulele on my 'pretend' Multi-12 setup, but I can play any of the included 100+ GM instrument sounds on the 24 pads, which cover 1 octave per M-12 (with up to 4 notes on each pad).
I have a crap load of things on my SPD-SX so I can play any instrument at any time :) I have to spend the time writing and recording them but, after that it's all easy.
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