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Default Re: Electronic Drum kit?

Hey New Tricks - I see you're one of those innovative musos who plays both 'real' and 'unreal' drums. I won't ask you to pick a favourite and I wouldn't mind having a similar space for my musical 'toys'.

I can't play ukulele on my 'pretend' Multi-12 setup, but I can play any of the included 100+ GM instrument sounds on the 24 pads, which cover 1 octave per M-12 (with up to 4 notes on each pad).
There are plenty of 'unreal' sounds to pick from using the M-12's 200 user kits, plus some more variety with a midi-controlled synth connected - but they are only a digital version of the 'real deal'.

BTW Benjo - in case you want some more options to consider, check out this Roland comparison:

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