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Default Re: Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

I've only done one sell transaction on Craigslist and it worked out quite nice for me. I'm 32 and I got a fella whose closer to my dads age to respond to my ad for a handful of Zildjian cymbals for sale. I had them price fairly high for used cymbals because they were brand new and never really used. They came with my kit and I wanted a different setup.

The fella called me up and expressed his excitement at finding my pair of Armand hats, he really enjoyed that series and no one seemed to have any. He came by the house and took a look at all my stuff, and he told me, when he saw the ad he thought the prices were a little high for used stuff, but now that he saw it and it basically like he'd get at retail, he paid up happily and I threw in a couple bits of light Yamaha hardware I wasn't going to use. He got a good deal, we both thought.

For buying, I'm not a lowballer, but I like to deal. Typically, since my town has little to no gear, I'm calling or emailing someone out of state. Some folks aren't interested in shipping, some are. Of those that are, there are those that want exorbitant amounts and those that are like "yah 15 bucks will cover it". Overall, craigslist has been a positive experience for me but I like to buy far more than sell. I have found my best deals on Craigslist, I've begged at least a couple of guys who were giving away cymbals basically, to ship to me and I wasn't trying to fraud them.
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