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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

In my school district you couldn't be in band until fifth grade but you could be in orchestra in second so I played violin to start. I was good and ended up in quite a few regional orchestras and stuff. I would spend my Saturdays at rehearsal and spent nearly all my time turned around trying to see what the drummers were doing. EventuAlly in eighth grade I switched and then I got caught up in high school drumline. A buddy of mine was into Dave Matthews and I fell in love with carter as a player and he really was how I found my way behind a kit.

Another buddy of mine who was the best drummer I've met was taking lessons from the guy who taught Chad Sexton of 311. Once I got into that realm I got a more formal appreciation of not only what a local guy like Chad was doing but introduced to artists like Gadd and Erskine.
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