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Default Re: New Yamaha Stage Custom in Honey Amber

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
I got a 16" floor tom for my natural wood kit, but it turns out I like the 14 a lot better.
The 16 is a bit rumbly for me, and if I tune it up high enough to tame the rumble, it's about the same pitch as the 14, but without the character. That 14 is just right.

I also like the stock snare. I put an S hoop on it, changed the head and snares, and it sounds just fine.
That's too funny! That session, when I brought the two drums in there, I guess I had tuned the 14" low since I had been playing just that for a while and the two drums next to each other sounded SO similar. We were getting sounds and the engineer said into my headphones "Hit the first floor tom. Okay, now the second one. No, the second one." and I took the cans off, hit both of them and realized how similar they were.

That 14" really is so versatile! I may throw an Emperor on the 16" to give it some more punch.
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