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Default Re: Pro-Mark change?

Can we speak about this issue? I have a bunch of questions about your playing situation how long these are lasting.
Originally Posted by Yoshinya View Post
I mean no disrespect, but in my experience, this new manufacturing technique has not proven to make the sticks stronger, or the tips last longer. Quite the contrary.

If anything, I have had tips on the newer replacement 6 pairs that were sent out to me shatter into two pieces and fly off more often than with the old nylon material. When they didn't do that, the whole tip would break off (wood nub included) at the new indentation. All the sticks broke in some manner having to do with the tips and being weakened by the new design.

I'm not trying to dog on Promark. I love Promark, and I love the 747s. I just want to see this manufacturing/design error rectified in some manner, so I can go back to buying more of what version of the stick I used to prefer.
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