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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: John

I am an old "new" drummer. I got my first set for Christmas when I was 6. It was just a toy 5 piece set. I think it even had paper heads on it. I was a big Kiss fan at the time and I saw a video where Peter Chris smashed his sticks through his drums so I went in my basement and did the same. Not a smart move. I did not get another one or those fixed. Then at 15 I took about 10 lessons until my report card came and that ended that. So now, at 40, I went and bought myself a kit. 5 piece Pearl Forum series. Mid-life crisis? Maybe...but this is something I have always loved so I said why not. I was surprised that what I learned at 15 came back to me. I was also surprised that I am picking it up pretty quick. I take these lessons online and I am now up to lesson 8. I don't know a song yet but some of my drummer friends told me ACDC back in black is a good song to start with. I am learning how to read music. At my age I have no dream of going on a world tour or becoming the next great drummer. I just want to play and jam with some friends. Never to old to rock out. Anyway, thats my story.
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