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Default Re: G1 vs. Genera Resonant?

Hey, I owned the same kit. I had clear pinstripes over coated ambassadors for a while, which was... not a good idea. Pinstripes are not great heads IMO, Emperors/G2s are much superior if tuned correctly, especially on a quality mid-range kit like the Superstar.

Anyways, the difference between G1s and Genera Resonants is the film. Many clear heads like G2s, G1s, Emperors, what have you are actually a bit hazy- it's much easier to see when there's a truly clear head to compare to like some Aquarians and the Genera Resonant. The Genera gives a bit brighter tone and perhaps a little more sustain, though I'm not sure as I haven't used G1s to compare on my newer kit (I do use a g12 floor tom reso, though, which controls the drum a bit more than my rack toms to balance out the dichotomy I often experienced with the Superstar). Neither really 'pairs' better, but the G1 does seem to be more prevalent and available. One thing to keep in mind is that the Genera Reso shows marks very easily, so one should be careful while tuning as not to totally mark it up.

What I'd recommend doing for your kit is ordering both a G12 and G2 for your 12" tom or a G14 and G2 for your preferred floor tom- I have found much enjoyment in the G14s and G12s and find them simply more meaty and resonant than two-ply heads. And they're plenty durable :)
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