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Default G1 vs. Genera Resonant?

Hey guys. I'm a Rock/Metal drummer and I have a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive kit. It's made of all birch shells. I've kept the stock resonant heads on since I've owned the kit and I think it's time to change it out. I THINK the resonant heads are supposed to be mimicking the G1, but I'm not positive on this. Anyways, I'm thinking about going with G2 batter heads across all the toms because I've gotten awful results from the Evans Hydraulics and Remo Pinstripe (which are pretty much THE heads when going to Rock/Metal drumming, surprising). Many people recommend the G1 as a compliment to the G2s, but I thought I'd just make my own post just to be safe. Evans says that the Genera Resonants "are ideal for enhancing tone when combined with a two-ply batter head," but like I said, many people reccomend the G1s with the G2s.

I guess I should be asking two questions here:

1.) If I decide on the G2s for sure, which of these two resos would be best fit with it?
2.) If not the Genera Resonant, what would the Genera Resonant combine well with? Just out of curiousity.

Thank you guys in advance. I'm glad there's a place out on the web like this.
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