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Default The Red Menace's menacing red drums

Finally got around to stealing my wife's phone and snapping some pics of my kit.

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It started its life as a Yamaha Stage Custom Birch in 24x17, 16,12 with a crappy steel snare. Kevin from Crazy 8's drums sliced the kick down to a much more sensible 14" depth (14 crew!!) and redid all the edges then wrapped the whole thing in the lovely red snakeskin fabric. The black FT is an 18" Drumcraft series 8 which never comes to gigs. Just another toy for the practice space.

The snare is a 30's 14x6.5 Leedy COB that I scored on a trip to Flagstaff where I proposed to my wife. At the present time it is my favorite snare.

The cymbals are as follows:

8" Z(something)T splash
15" 70's New Beats
20" Hand Hammered Carl Allen ride
22" K Dark Medium ride

Axis pedal and mish-mash stands. I use Gibraltar flat base when I leave the house.

Take a look and tell me how beautiful everything is. I'll be happy to answer any questions as long as they are submitted in writing and in a English accent. I will also accept a Welsh accent and possibly Australian.

Oh, and I think the cowbell is an LP, the triangle was purchased on the same trip to the pawnshop where I bought the engagement ring. I'm seeing a trend here...
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