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I would highly advise against carbon sticks of which the tips are carbon as well. Yes, these sticks are more durable (even though I did break those as well on an acoustic kit), but the carbon tips are so solid that you very easily make holes in your drum heads. Or at least, that's what experience tells me.

If you break your sticks because you play (too) loud there is not much you can do unless playing more silently. However, some genres simply do not allow you to play quietly. (In which case it would miss a lot of attack.) I am not saying it is not possible to play more quietly in that specific genre, I am saying that it will not feel right.

I easily break a pair of sticks every ... three months let say? And that on an electronic kit. I dare say that my technique is fine, so that is not really a problem. I did notice that I am playing too loud, notwithstanding the genre I am playing. Even on quiet, groovey jazz tunes I tend to hit the pads too hard. Once you realise that, it is just a matter of adaptation to the genre. It is quite easy with an electronic kit: you can mix your sound to an ideal balance between the songs/play-a-longs/metronome and the drumset.
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