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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I've posted on this site previously but I'm starting anew since I'm a newly single man living with my sister in Indiana.

I'm 48 and disabled and confined to a wheelchair. I have proficient use of my legs, feet and arms but I don't hit a drum that hard and I have to use Vater kid sticks since conventional sticks are too unwieldy for me. As for background information when I was a preteen my parents paid for me to take lessons from a fairly well regarded jazz drummer for two years. I adapted to the kit fairly well to the point that when it was decided that i should upgrade my kit I got one of those, and be reminded this was in the 70's, my folks bought me one of the few Pearl fiberglass shell kits Pearl made that I kept until I had to have major surgery to correct a scoliosis condition. When I returned to the kit my interest waned and so I sold that kit to a church band. BTW, I have heard those old fiberglass kits Pearl made are now selling for thousands.

Fast forward to about two years ago...I started wanting to play again and I bought with my then wife's permission a four piece Sonor bop kit for a little over three hundred bucks. What I didn't realize before I bought the kit that the rack tom holder was placed so far near the front of the bass drum shell that it was difficult for me to reach comfortably.

Now I'm divorced and I want to buy a small kit with a suspension mount for the rack tom. Some companies I have learned sell shell packs with suspension mounts that are affordable. I was psyched about the Yamaha Rock Tour three piece with mahogany shells. Then I read six pages of a thread here on the new Ludwig signet 105 with maple shells. Then I saw on the MF site the Mapex birch shell packs all of which are reasonably priced. I have now a question that a novice would ask: What are the resonance/projection differences between mahogany, maple and birch shells.
I invite any responses or questions about me or my gear dreams
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