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Default Re: I think it's time we address why stock heads are so bad

Winston is right. I just bought a new Aquarian Hi-Velocity snare batter head for around $16.00 US with shipping. So for lower quality heads, bought in bulk, the cost the drum makers pay cannot more than a couple US dollars each (if that). It may actually cost more for the manufacturer to do special orders for the people who don't wants heads, which would probably a minority.

A simple solution. :-) If you don't want the heads that come on the drums, take them off and put them on ebay. Someone will buy them I am sure ;-)

I am not sure what most manufacturers do, but the drum heads on my drums were all high quality and stamped with the manufacturer's logo, which i personally think is pretty cool.

And I am in the same mindset as old-hyde....its the first time for me too that I heard that stock heads are supposed to be switched out before playing :-)
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