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Default Re: What's your Job?

Originally Posted by drumkat View Post
I am a Registered Nurse and I work in Intensive Care.

We get them all....drug overdoses, pneumonias, head injuries, COPD, DKA, psych patients...

Has many challenges, need to use ya brains and can make a real difference in peoples lives.

However, my dream job would be working in a pawn shop like Cash Converters or some other second hand enterprise

I would love to have my own second hand hunting TV show that seem to be saturating our viewing time these days.

Maybe a member from DW and myself could start a TV show where we go around to peoples houses with old drum kits and haggle and bargain our days away!!

We could call it "Tub Thumpin' with Drumkat"
It's a trap!, It's a trap!....we can't stand firepower of that magnitude! (Admiral Ackbar)
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