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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name: Dylan T
Age: 14
How Long I've Been Playing: 6 years (last 2 years seriously)
Origin of Username: My friends call me "Dill" for short so I just added the "X" to make it interesting.
Top 5 Drummers: John Bonham, Jon Theodore, Buddy Rich, Virgil Donati, Travis Barker (yes you heard me), and many more...
Make of Drums: Yamaha
Make of Cymbals: Sabian and Zildjian (I'm currently "converting" to Zildjian)
Where I practice: Basement
Bands: I'm in one band called "Fifth Element"
Covers or Originals: Both
Style of Music: Rock and Hard Rock
Favourite Take out food: Meatlovers Pizza or Chinese
Country: Canada
Odd Fact About Myself: My last name means "Son of a Priest." I have very "unique" and different friends. I can be "different" sometimes. I don't really know what's odd about myself.
How I started drumming: When I was 7 or 8 I would drum on everything (including my parents heads) and when I listened to music in the car I would always drum on the arm rests. My mom then asked me what instrument I would like to play. I picked drums obviously. My dad then gave me his old Remo drum pad from the '60s and I began lessons soon after. I got my first drumset about 6 months into my lessons I think.
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