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Default Re: Strange coincidence things that happen

Madge is the weird one (sorry luv :).

We pick up these coincidences because we always notice things that correspond to our environment. So if you have just seen, say, 225, if any other three digit numbers turn up you won't notice them as much as 225, unless the number is special to you like Larry's 309.

What Larry described is like having a sore left elbow and feeling like you're always bumping it. Truth is, you're bumping everywhere else too but not noticing it as much.

Going back to 225, once you suddenly notice the "coincidence" you become even more tuned into that number and will notice it more again, although this effect wears off after exposure to other things for a while. So Larry's 309 settled down again - but will probably flare up again now :).

That's the theory. Having said that I can't remember noticing instances like this myself, but I have a bit of a 420 memory.

Wait! As I was typing I heard the blinds banging in the wind ... four times, two times and then a gap before the next few bangs! That makes 4 - 2 - 0 !! OMGOMGOMG



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